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$50 Off Timing Belt Replacement

Welcome to Cox Auto Service, a full service auto repair shop on Miramar San Diego CA 92121. Our mission is to provide you the Best Quality Timing Belt Replacement & Repair at a price that is fair. We have experience & knowledgeable auto mechanics to replace your timing belt right the first time & save you Money!!!

Need your car's Timing Belt Replaced? No Worries! Our Experienced & Certified Auto Mechanics & Auto Technicians can replace your timing belt right the first time - Saving you time and Money. When your car needs Repair, Service, or scheduled maintenance, Our simple Slogan is what you're looking for: "Honest & Quality auto repair with a price that is fair"

What does the timing belt do?

The timing belt controls the camshafts in your engine, opening and closing valves at just the right time for smooth operation. The timing belt has teeth that turn the camshaft in time with the crankshaft. Some cars and trucks use timing chains or gears, which are more durable. But, timing belts made of rubber compound are quieter and more efficient. They also don't need lube to work.

What Happens When Timing Belts Break
On some engines, if the timing belt fails, valves will be held open when they should not be and will be struck by the pistons, causing major damage to your engine. So you want to prevent it at all costs. While you're getting the timing belt changed, it's a good idea to get a new water pump, too. Water pumps have similar life spans, and they're easy to get to while the timing belt is being replaced. If you wait, you'll have to pay more for installation later.

When is it time to change a timing belt?

Most timing belts are rated for between 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles. The belt can't be checked easily, so you should replace your timing belt on schedule. Check your owner's manual.

We are conveniently located on 5782 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA. near UTC, UCSD (University of California, San Diego), MCAS Miramar (the Marine Corps Air Station), the Miramar College Campus and UTC Mall on La jolla Village Dr. Just off Interstate 15 and I805, Miramar Road is an extension of La Jolla Village Drive and Pomerado Road. Within minutes of 92121, 92122, 92037, 92092, 92014, 92130, 92131, 92145 San Diego, CA.

We are the Expert & most Experienced Mechanics for timing belt replacements in both Import & Domestics Cars, Trucks & SUV's:

Audi timing belt replacement service
Acura timing belt replacement service
Chevrolet timing belt replacement service
Chrysler timing belt replacement service
Dodge timing belt replacement service
Ford timing belt replacement service
Honda timing belt replacement service
Lexus timing belt replacement service
Mazda timing belt replacement service
Mitsubishi timing belt replacement service
Saab timing belt replacement service
Subaru timing belt replacement service
Toyota timing belt replacement service
Volkswagen, vw timing belt replacement service
Volvo timing belt replacement service

When you need your timing belt changed? Call us for an appointment at 858- 550-0999 or click our appointment link to schedule an appointment.